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Hello! I hope your Sunday has been pleasant so far.

Today, I’ve decided to try my hand in a little fad that has been circulating the internet of late, and that is a weekly favorites. Essentially, it’s a little run down of personal favorites throughout the week. I shall be calling this segment “The Weekly Collection”, and it will encompass music, books, photos, or whatever I was particularly enjoying during the week. My goal is to post these on Sunday’s, as regularly as I can, which means you may receive more than one post a week!

Let’s give this a whirl, shall we?


Broadchurch: I am not typically one to go for the murder-mystery type of entertainment. However, the show piqued my interest one evening, whilst perusing Netflix…and I was hooked in the first 30 seconds. I may or may not have watched all eight episodes in three days…oops.


Cinnamon Raisin Bread: I made a loaf the other night, when I realized I hadn’t had any in quite some time. And my family and I quickly demolished said loaf. A recipe to go into the books, and maybe to be created again tonight…(recipe following soon)

Vanilla Comoro Tea: As I established in a previous post, I absolutely adore tea, and I actually ran out of this particular one a while ago. It was gone, I forgot, and then my memory was jogged when someone reordered some for me. So, I became obsessed again. It’s the perfect wind down from a very long day, and a perfect addition to the tea drawer.


Ultra Pro Sentry Earbuds, in Gold: I received these for Christmas, and I wasn’t immediately hooked, as I already had pretty functional earphones. However, recently, I have taken to using them, and now realize just how lovely they are! Incredible sound quality, and they come in a cute little portable case, which is apt for a girl on the go.


Ingrid Nilsen’s #5MFU: Way to go, Ingrid! Short for “Five Minutes for Us”, the little reflection videos are definitely something I have looked forward to this week. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to make me halt for just five minutes in a time-pressed day, and give a little thought to matters I wouldn’t normally think about. I’d definitely check her videos out, if I were you.