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Hello! I hope everybody’s week is going well.

Today, I bring to you a fitness post, as I actually am training for a half marathon right now, which takes place in a couple months (post coming in a few weeks about my training plan). Sundays are considered “cross-training” days. In other words, some sort of aerobic, raise your heart rate activity that will help one recover from the long runs scheduled for Saturday. Often, the weather is rather crummy at this time of year, or I just feel particularly lazy, so I stay indoors for such an activity.

On those indoor days, I do a little 15-30 minute workout, depending on time constraints (or whether I am motivated enough to repeat the exercise!), which I will be sharing here today! This workout is simple and really does the trick. It is lovely for working out any tight muscles from the previous day, as long as you stretch before and after! I actually made this workout up on the spot and then saw it worked well, wrote in it my little notebook, and used it ever since!

So, print this out, post it on a pinboard, and get moving! 😉

CaptureNote: The knee pushups can be switched to regular pushups for a more difficult workout. Sit-ups also work in place of the curl-ups.