Hello! I hope everybody had a pleasant weekend. Here, the weather was just absolutely gorgeous, and I managed to spend a great amount of time outside. It’s a win for me. 🙂 Though, I really wish I had a much longer weekend…two days feels far too short, especially considering how busy and stressful the week is for me.

Anyhow, here is the rundown of my personal favorites throughout the week:


New Girl: Surprisingly hilarious, the witty retorts and oddly relatable moments have me watching episode, after episode, after episode. Seriously, Netflix should have a limit on the number of television episodes seen in one day. Jess is also an adorable character, and I sort of really want her wardrobe.


Half Marathon Training: I am sort of getting into the rhythm of training, now that’s its been a few weeks. When I first began, the general mood was sarcastic and lacking motivation. Now that I feel myself getting more and more fit, and prepared, my tune’s definitely changed to “Can the race come sooner, please?!”

Yaktrak RUN’s: Actually, this favorite is very recent (like, today), as I purchased them for a little 5K race I participated in this weekend. Due to the desperate clinging of ice and snow atop the mountains, I required ice cleats for my race. They were superb, and I felt no discomfort, whatsoever. In fact, I hardly felt them, and they allowed me to run as if I were on bare trails.

Adidas Climalite Socks : If your feet tend to grow very sore when doing intense or lengthy running, then I would highly recommend these socks. I actually forgot I had them in my drawer from Christmas, and so was very peeved with myself that I hadn’t used them sooner. They are very comfortable, and absolutely lovely. Which is a rather high remark for a pair of socks.


Hello Natural: The design of the website is so adorable, and very appealing, that I couldn’t help but browse. The recipes, tips and little bits on the website are very useful, and it’s the sort of website you just want to keep looking through, to simply view the gorgeous photography, if not the posts.

Photos via: hellonatural.co, yaktrak.com, advertising for New Girl