Lately, I have seen a lot of adorable plants and planters online in preparation for spring. Which, by the way, arrives in less than one week! What?! As the weather is still too cold to plant anything outdoors, I figured I’d look into cute little ways to plant herbs inside. I’ve been wanting to plant little mint, rosemary, etc. plants, but just haven’t had the time to really look into it. And anyway, my first thought when snow is on the ground is not planting rosemary in my kitchen.

Taking inspiration from this post, I immediately grabbed my materials and set to work on creating a little garden that can sit on a windowsill.

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The key to these little planters are mason jars. I actually already had three fairly good sized ones, but you can really use any size you’d prefer. I then stuck chalkboard labels on each one (you can find them at any craft store, like Michael’s).

Since they aren’t any drainage holes in mason jars, I placed a little bit of gravel in the bottom of each, and then 6-7 stones to prevent the water from staying in the soil and causing mold on the roots. Then I filled them with potting soil!

I decided to use Mint, Rosemary and Parsley as my three herbs. Through a lot of research, I found out that plants like Basil were difficult to grow, and with the finicky weather where I live, I can’t guarantee sunny weather all the time. Look into your region and see what plants you want/find would work best for you.


Following the instructions on the pack of each seed package, I planted the seeds, labelled the corresponding mason jar, and was on my way to little herb plants! If you would like something easier, try planting seedlings, which are less likely to die and will give you quicker results.

They are such a cute way to brighten up a windowsill and are a great way to spruce up any dish or make any room smell divine.

I love seeing other people’s creations, so let me see your mason jar gardens with #SeedsWithTC3 on Instagram and Twitter!

Note: In order to extend the life of your plants, make sure you consistently water them. They need a little bit of water everyday, unlike the weekly waterings required for houseplants. Just don’t overwater!

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