Hello everybody! Today, I bring you a tea post. More specifically, a post about black tea. I absolutely adore black tea (couldn’t tell, could you?), and it is probably…no is, my favorite kind of tea. I thought I’d give you guys a little rundown on my favorite black teas specifically, and maybe convince you to try some!

I’ve included a description and and the time of day I typically enjoy it, along whether it’s caffeinated or not. There are a couple chai teas in the list, but since those have a black tea base with spices added in, I figured I’d toss those in here.

Just a note, I wouldn’t recommend drinking caffeine straight before bed as it disrupts your bodies energy levels and prevents a good night of rest. I’d stick with an herbal tea or Vanilla Comoro before bed.

If you want more tea posts, perhaps on brewing techniques or my favorite brands, let me know on any of my social media pages or in the comments below. 🙂

1. Vanilla Comoro: A lovely, calm tea, this tea has a very light vanilla flavor, which makes it nice and simple. If you tend to not like black tea, this might be a great one to try, as it is a lot less heavy than other flavored black teas.

decaffeinated, end of the day

2. Vanilla Chai: Pleasantly sweet and spicy, this tea is lovely for a warming pick-me-up. The two flavors of vanilla and chai are detectable, but one doesn’t really overpower the other. I wouldn’t recommend this super early in the morning, as there’s a little too much going on, flavor wise, to wake up with. It’s great for any other time though!

caffeinated, mid-morning or afternoon

3. Earl Grey: A really simple, but elegant tasting tea, that just combines sharp bergamot with black tea. It has a very full, rich taste to it. It seems like the sort of tea you’d drink if you were staring out the window on a rainy day, or enjoying a breakfast brunch with chocolate croissants and oranges. Essentially, it tastes fancy, but not too fancy. If you like strong, full-bodied teas as a replacement for your coffee in the morning, this would be a great one to try. Careful not to let it steep too long, or else it gets a little overpowering.

caffeinated, anytime

4. Pumpkin Chai: I know that fall is over now, but I still find myself enjoying this tea, even after the fall-time pumpkin fanatics have left the building. So delicious, and it weirdly tastes like pumpkin…surprising, right? Not too rich, it’s smooth and not overly spicy, so it just feels soft and warm. Much better tasting than the Pumpkin Chai Lattes you can get, which are way too spicy. Purchase this tea, and you will not be disappointed. Unless you dislike pumpkin…

caffeinated, anytime

5. English Breakfast / Plain ‘Ol Black: The classic black tea that every person must keep in their cupboard. Well balanced and lively, this tea is a perfect way to start the day. I love this especially for it’s simplicity. As the name implies, this tea is a wonderful addition to any breakfast, and I like it for really any time of the day too. If you don’t like black tea, I maybe wouldn’t go straight for this one, as it is just black tea with no flavors besides that. Actually, scratch that. If you don’t like black tea, then what is wrong with you? (I’m kidding).

caffeinated, anytime

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Image Source: Artifact Uprising

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