Good afternoon, everybody! I hope your Easter holiday yesterday was lovely, and that you spent it with family, friends, and great food! I’ve always seen Easter as sort of an official ceremony into entering spring, so I decided to bring you guys a little spring post today. If you aren’t quite sure how to bring spring into your home, and make it feel all cheery, then keep reading. 🙂 Funnily enough, as I write this, it is snowing hard outside. Quite the spring weather, eh?

As winter has left the building (I’m not sure if I am excited for that, or not), I thought it only apt to sort of bring in the fresh scents and things that shout “spring!” to me. Here are a few tips to bring a little bit of that springtime cheer into your own home:

1. Have fresh flowers and plants throughout your house.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but the sight of colorful tulips, sprightly green plants, and budding herbs makes me feel like the new season of growth is upon me, especially if the weather outside says otherwise. Any bright or pastel colored flowers look lovely in any home, and add a spot of color, while a tall potted tree would add dimension to an otherwise drab corner.

2. Replace your winter candles with more fresh scents.

Though the smell of cider or pine is an absolutely lovely scent, it’s a bit nice to change it up in favor of a more fruity or floral scent, come March 21st. I particularly like Bath and Body candles, but any candle that you like is perfect. In fact, I really want to grab a more spring-smelling candle myself!

3. Store away heavy blankets.

This one I haven’t conformed to yet, because it’s still rather chilly here (as I said, it’s snowing right now!). If you live in a place that has warmed up a bit, then it seems natural to put away the thick fleece and wool blankets, and maybe grab out some lighter ones or none at all. Also, it’s always nice to put on clean, white linens and change out heavier pillowcases for something more crisp.

4. Clean out your storage and closets.

It is called “spring cleaning” for a reason, and right now is a great time to maybe donate old winter clothes you never wore, or straighten up your storage areas. It is the perfect time to put away (most) of your winter clothes, and maybe bring out the more springy-summery clothes that have been collecting dust for the past months. Just make sure you donate or dispose of in a eco-friendly manner the things you may clear out. If you have a particular cleaning bug, also feel free to scrub down all the surfaces in the house…I don’t think I’ve been hit by that bug yet though!

5. Open the curtains and windows and bring more light into the house.

With spring comes a lot more sunshine, and instead of hiding behind thick winter curtains, throw them open and let in that natural light. (Photography plus: natural light makes for the best photos!) A little sunshine goes a long way in brightening up the entire house and rejuvenating a home.

6. Go outside!

This one isn’t an inside thing, but I thought I’d remind you guys to make sure you get outside, go for a walk, and enjoy the lovely outdoor weather, and new scenery that pops up! Though winter is a gorgeous time of year, it’s easy to forget that a whole new world opens up in the spring time too!


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